I am investigating hydrological carbon dioxide dynamics  in tropical volcanic islands. My previous studies have focused on carbon dioxide fluxes to the atmosphere via modified and unmodified pathways in coastal estuarine waters. My interest now lies in investigating the differences in carbon dioxide fluxes in the polluted and pristine estuarine waters of South east Asia where scientific literature in this area is lacking. Based in Bali, Indonesia, I am seasonally sampling a crater lake, a reservoir, a mangrove bay and a large modified estuary. I use a small resarch vessel equipped with high-end scientific equipment to sample these systems. I am also sampling fresh borewater wells from 20-70 m depth to gain much-needed baseline insights into Bali's aquifers. I hope to increase global scientific investigation into this region which will enable communities to effectively manage their natural assets.

Contact: paul.macklin@scu.edu.au

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